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Summit County Sheriff's Link

Police protection for Coventry Township is provided by the Summit County Sheriff's Department. Deputies and cruisers operate out of an office located next to the Administration Building on Portage Lakes Dr.

In addition to the 24/7 patrols, the Sheriff's office also provides detectives, fully qualified Bomb Squad, the Lake Patrol and DARE and GREAT officers. Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch educational programs, and a Juvenile Diversion program are additional services provided by the Sheriff.

The Township's 2009 policing contract was revised effective July 1, 2009, resulting in a decrease to five deputies, one cruiser plus 1/3 shift, five portable communication radios and two hours a week for a part-time Direct Indictment Officer. The revision was based on the addition of police dispatching costs effective July 1, 2009 of $44,106.00, which was not billed to the Township in previous years. The Township's prior three year policing contract provided six deputies, two cruisers, six portable communication radios and two hours a week for a part-time Direct Indictment Officer. The reduction in deputies was done to offset the dispatching costs in the new contract since we are only in the second collection year of the current 2.5 mill Police Levy. This levy was passed by voters as a replacement in 2006. It was effective for tax year 2007, with the first collection in 2008.

In addition to the contracted costs, expenses for fuel increases and fill staffing must also be planned. Fill staffing provides coverage for vacations and absences of regularly scheduled deputies. The annual costs for the new three year contract are as follows:

  • $595,752.51 in 2012
  • $601,863.17 in 2013
  • $605,093.84 in 2014

For 2013 the Township also paid $5,000.00 from the General Fund toward the Summit County Juvenile Diversion Program.

Click here for more information on the Juvenile Diversion program.


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